Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder, 2011
Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, and St James and Basil’s church, Fenham
Ecclesiastical chairs, steel brackets, rope, cable ties

IMG_5617 copy IMG_5584 copy jacob's ladder2 jacob's ladder

Two towers were formed from the chairs of St James and St Basil’s, Fenham (a church which was built with a double nave as a memorial to two brothers who died in World War I). One tower was situated in the Church, the other in the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University.

In the book of Genesis, a liminal ladder between Earth and Heaven appears to Jacob, as a vision of future unison in the midst of controversy and split between him and his brother Esau. Later in the Bible the “sons of Jacob” and the “sons of Esau” become terms for God’s “elect” and “non-elect” people.

The work considers the nature of separation, between the Church and those on the outside, and questions what the modern church could and should be.

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